Glaze Family Reunion

Big Announcement!

2021 Family Reunion

July 4th Weekend

(For details, see the News page.)

Along time ago,  Bert Leslie Glaze met Mabel Marie Grudier. They fell in love, got married on Aug 7, 1918 and were blessed with 14 children. Today that family has grown to well over 200 descendants and still growing.

The Glaze family has always been a close family and we want to continue that bond by gathering at our reunions to catch up with one another. 

What happens at our reunions?

Good food, music, laughter, story-telling, hugging and maybe a few tears when it's time to say goodbye. Oh, and did I mention GOOD FOOD?

Let's keep Bert and Mabel's legacy alive by gathering together at the reunion to show the younger generation what a wonderful family they belong to.


Left to right Eldorado Grudier, Bessie Grudier, Dorse Glaze, Roy (Bud) Glaze, The baby is Danny Glaze, then Bert and Mable Glaze